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Korea Model Association signs MOU with Green Textile
Name : 관리자(itt@greentextile.co.kr) Date : 2015-10-05 Hits : 5496
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Korea Model Association signs MOU with Green Textile
(한국모델협회-푸른텍스타일 MOU 체결)

The Korea Model Association, under Chairman Eui-shik Yang, has entered a strategic partnership with Green Textile Co., Ltd., CEOs Paul Yoo & Hyun-joon Jeon. The signing ceremony was attended by Chairman Eui-shik Yang, Green Textile’s CEOs Paul Yoo & Hyun-joon Jeon and Directors Seok-young Yoon, Shin-heng Huh, Advisor Seong-bom Cheon, and KMA Vice-Chairman Joo-hwan Im, Director Jeong-hoon Choi, Gee-ran Lee, Yoo-seop Im, Hye-won Jang, Seon-jin Lee, San-ha Kim, Jeong-eun Joo, Nana Kim and of the Steering Committee’s So-mi Kim, Joon Im, a member of a board of education  Eun-seon Kim, Yoo-shin Jeong, Public Relations Manager Jae-ee Shin, Pyeong Lee, International Relations Director Ji-ho Lee, and Guidance Manager Gee-bom Kim.
This cooperative partnership is a strategic relationship to market Green Textile’s e-SPA brand and further both company’s contents through various cooperative projects in marketing, advertising, event planning, etc.
Green Textile is an apparel vendor producing for Nike, adidas, and other brands, with production sites in Vietnam and Indonesia. The business was established in 2004 and currently records about US$200mn in sales.
In April 2015, Green will take part in the Asia Model Festival. At the event Green will participate in the Asia Model Awards and meet various international fashion world figures. The event will provide a suitable backdrop to support Green Textile’s Chinese and Asian market entry efforts.

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